As most Denton County Democrats know, I co-founded the Democratic Women of Denton County (DWDC)...and I'm now the President of that organization. DWDC has grown quickly, so I'm splitting my time between DWDC and Castle Hills Democrats.

To see what's going on with DWDC, go here:

To residents of Castle Hills: I'm still your Democratic Precinct Chair, representing you to the Denton County Democratic Party. The County Chair over there, Phyllis Wolper, is a good friend of mine. You should check that organization out:

Obviously I am involved with all kinds of Democratic people and happenings in Denton County. If Castle Hills residents, or any resident of Denton County, wants to know more about Denton County Democratic activism, email me and I'll put you to work...or point you in the right direction...

president [AT]

Thank you for visiting this blog. And please...if you want to see change, and see more progressive government,

you must vote.


Judith Ford
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